Corporate Days

Corporate Days

Take your monthly team meeting to our ‘Creative Hub’!  Get your team bonding, creative juices flowing and brainstorm in the Great Outdoors!

Our ‘Creative Hub’ is fully IT equipped, has the ability for video conferencing and access to a fully equipped kitchen.  Check out our ‘Brain Power’ Menu full of yummy brain boosting nutritious foods, specifically designed by Nuala, our Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach, to help keep your teams creative energy high and flowing.  Make use of all the vast space and give your break out sessions a full outdoors creative boost in our woodlands.

Release Unnecessary Tension – Add in an outdoor team bonding activity such as our ‘Pick N’Mix’ – kayaking plus our outdoor inflatable water park.

Boost your Team’s Wellbeing – Add in a specifically designed Wellbeing Talk, created by Nuala, to boost your team’s morale, their strengths and show them that you care.

Relax & Unwind – Add in a ‘Breathe, Stretch & Relax’ yoga class in our woodlands.

Let Go & Let Be – Add in a Restorative Dance Workshop with Fiona Flynn.

Cavan Adventure Centre is the ultimate location for your team to connect, cocreate and be more innovative.  Taking time out in the Great Outdoors naturally leads creating dynamic ideas, boosts morale and enhances overall job satisfaction.