Signs of Spring

March 16, 2022

Signs of Spring Signs of Spring      Signs of Spring
READ More: There are many signs that spring is nearly upon us. Sure there have been some exceptionally strong storms and this is very much linked to global climate change but between these storms, the sun has been coming out and the temperature is warming. Life, as they say, is returning; not that it ever left might I add as there is actually an abundance of life and nature throughout the year.

We have been looking out for the emergence of new leaf buds on the trees, spring flowering plants and more flying insects. All of this is to say that nature times the life cycles of species in perfect harmony. The wet weather and the increase in daylight hours triggers plants to produce the tools to make use of this energy source in the form of chlorophyll-containing leaves. For spring flowering plants such as daffodils, dandelion and primrose, these will be taking advantage of and providing vital nutrition for pollinators such as bees, butterflies and moths who will be emerging now as well.

To match this change in plant and insect activity, there will be a changing of the guard with birds, our winter visitors will head off and the spring and summer species such as swallows and martens will be making their return to our skies. Even the nighttime flying species are changing their movements – only this last week, I was called upon to rescue a Soprano Pipistrelle Bat emerging from roosting and getting caught out (apart from being extremely dehydrated and weak from hunger, thankfully this one should make a full recovery). Looking to our waterways I have noticed loads of splashing about in our ponds, and although this always stops as you get closer, the signs of the mating frogs are clear to see because of the massive clumps of spawn.

All in all a very exciting time for watching the changes and I hope you’ll join me either at home, in your local outdoors or even better, at the centre in just taking time to appreciate this obviously joyful increase in nature’s activity.

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