Fergal’s Historic E-Bike Tour – 5th February 2023

April 15, 2023

A crisp and sunny morning made it the perfect day for gentle cycling and rambling around some ancient sites.

We headed off at 10am taking the quiet country trail of Derryvehil leading towards the village of Miltown. We caught glimpses of Drumlane Abbey in the nearby distance on our pit stops of identifying some unique ritual sites and newly budding plants and flowers.


We caught our breath in the sleepy village of Miltown before making our way to Drumlane Abbey. Here it’s like taking a step back in time to ancient historical Ireland. The unblemished landscape makes it the perfect natural retreat to spend the morning. The Abbey’s best known feature is it’s round tower which was founded in circa 555. It was originally made of wood but was replaced by stone in the twelfth century and is still incredibly intact. We reminisced about towers of it’s kind, about the styles of head stones unique to their era and times gone by. A hot coffee and snack overlooking locally called Derrybrick Lough made it all the more tranquil.

Reluctantly we headed back for our e-bikes to make our way to Baker’s Bridge and on to Urney Church. The clear sky day awarded us with some spectacular views of this drumlin landscape and all the wildlife that live here.

Our last stop was Urney Church and Graveyard – Cavan’s very first! Our guests were delighted with such a hidden historic gem and how it easy it was to imagine how it would have looked, back in it’s day.


The last 2km home was swift and easy going. More hot coffee and lunch finished off a well spent day.
If you love history, gentle cycling at a relaxed pace in the countryside AND are visiting Cavan for the weekend, this is a great way to see this unique rolling drumlins and lake lands landscape.

You’re more than welcome to join me on our next trip!

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