Cavan Adventure Centre as part of Ce4rt

March 11, 2024

Cavan Adventure Centre (CAC) is thrilled to be a part of Ce4rt, the Circular Economy for Regenerative Tourism project. Being a part of this project allows us to network with other businesses across five countries that are also dedicated to being a sustainable tourism business. CAC together with businesses from Iceland, Finland, Poland & The Netherlands are being supported on our journey from sustainability to regenerative tourism.

Regenerative tourism is about ensuring the visitor economy delivers a net positive benefit for communities, the environment, and the destination.

What does Ce4rt mean for us as a business?

We can use our platform to:
• Tackle climate action
• Benefit the local community
• Champion local places – nature, culture and heritage
• Empower visitors to be responsible

We’re so fortunate to be led on this project by Fiona Scott Hayward of MTU who we are so grateful to for managing the project and leading us throughout. We’re fully committed on taking the holistic approach where land, people, culture, heritage, community and wildlife can thrive. CAC hosts numerous events throughout the year that showcase the best of what this sustainable adventure centre has to offer.

Fiona Scott Hayward of MTU with Cavan Adventure Centre’s Nuala McCann

Take a guided boat tour with Fergal and get an in-depth history lesson of Clough Oughter Castle. Get your wellies (and hands!) dirty with Brian on our Bushcraft Camps that promote the ideology of Leave no Trace. Discover the wonder of native land and water habitats with biodiversity expert Heather Bothwell. Nature is at the heart of our business – we love what do we do, how we do it and that we get to do this daily.

Just some of the businesses we are fortunate enough to be networking with through Ce4rt…

Dingle Sea Safari

Moonwalker in Iceland

GJ Travel in Iceland