Primary School

Let us design an Educational day out for your students

Our primary cycle programme is about getting young people out to experience and enjoy the wonders of nature first-hand. Our aim is to engender a love for the natural world, an enthusiasm to learn about the environment and their place within it, as well as to build the basic skills that will help them throughout their lives. Sessions are pupil focused with a flexible structure to allow young minds to expand and for questions to be asked.

There are several habitats for youngsters to learn about – our waterways, marshlands, farmlands and our woodlands. Each area is easily accessible from our education resource centre on short walks along designated paths. Even so, please bear in mind that the sessions are strongly outdoor orientated so clothing and footwear that is appropriate for the weather conditions and season are an absolute must for all participants.

At present, we cater for classes from first class to sixth class and can cover a variety of specific topics to meet the NCCA Curriculum. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We are always striving to improve our offering and would like to invite you to be a driving force behind this. You can provide feedback or feed-forward your thoughts using our web form or just drop us an email or phone call.

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Secondary School

Learn about the environment in this special area of conservation - Connect & Explore with your students

Our junior cycle programme expands on and develops the learning gained from earlier primary cycle years and prior learning. The key aim of our provision at the centre is to provide supportive environments for young people to engage in.

This is a person-centred approach to learning and we encourage you, the teacher, to engage with your pupils before your visit and to get in touch with us to see how we can support their learning. We can offer a range of short topic studies to provide opportunities for science, maths, geography and even arts and creativity in an outdoor and practical setting.

We recognise that this is a process and to get you started we have prepared a couple of resources for you to get everyone thinking about the environment. Check those out below.

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Everyone Else

Watch out for Geopark events or bring your Team for a day of overall well-being surrounded by nature

If you’re looking at this page, you are likely to not fall into one of our other two categories but are still interested in how you might be able to access the beautiful and fascinating habitats at the Cavan Adventure Centre and beyond.

We have a very open view of biodiversity education and aim above all to engender and embrace a love of our natural heritage.

Cavan Adventure Centre has the privilege of being set within the UNESCO Global Geopark which provides protection for the wonderful habitats and amazing wildlife here. The geological heritage of the ribbed moraines and drumlins that form this unique landscape can be appreciated and studied at various levels. This dynamic ecosystem is a perfect spot for everyone to enjoy at all times of the year.

We offer biodiversity events at various times of the year which are open to members of the public. For example – our woodland wonder walks for families, creepy-crawly kids sessions and watch out for waterfowl weekends.

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