Biodiversity Tours

Duration: 2.5 hoursAge Group: 3+

Biodiversity Tours
A unique 2.5hr tour over land and water to discover all types of native birds and wildlife

Discover the abundant varieties of wildlife and habitats with a local expert and Geopark guide via land and water during this two hour tour. Located in a Special Area of Conservation, this woodland trail brings participants along the shores of Lough Oughter where they can enjoy stunning views and watch the vast array of birds and wildlife in their natural habitat. Species include heron, mallard duck, whooper swan, otters, badgers and pine martens.

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Explore the nearby woodlands for an hour before donning your kayak and further exploring the waterways.

Everyone is welcome on this trip but the path, although rough underfoot and not suitable for buggies, is perfect for families and walkers of all ages.

What to bring

Bring waterproof clothing and appropriate footwear.

€ 30

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