Zen Club

Duration: 2hrsAge Group: 16+

Zen Club

🌟Drop in for a one off or sign up to a block to Embark on a Spiritual Journey as part of our Zen Club in the Great Outdoors! 🧘📔

It’s time to prioritize your wellbeing and create a sacred space for inner peace!

🕊️✨ I invite you to join me for an immersive Zen Time*** experience that combines the powerful wisdom of journaling, the serenity of meditation, and the rejuvenation of gentle stretching. Let’s embark on a journey to reconnect with ourselves and cultivate inner harmony on our journey towards optimal wellbeing.

📔 Journaling Journey: Bring your cherished journal and favourite pen.   We begin our journey with self-reflection by diving deep into the sanctuary of your thoughts and feelings.  Settle into a cozy space and explore the whispers of your soul, gratitude, dreams, aspirations, and self-love.  Your journal is your personal canvas for self-discovery, healing and manifesting your intentions.

🧘‍♀️ Awakening Meditation Oasis: In a comfortable space, we’ll close our eyes, centre our Being and transition into a guided meditation. Through stillness, we’ll calm our mind, explore the depths of our breath, allowing it to anchor us mindfully into the present moment. We’ll cultivate a deep connection with our inner Being, release tension, invite calmness, and embrace the divine within.

🤸‍♀️ Gentle Spiritual Stretching Session: Awaken your body with gentle intentional stretches and mindful movements to nurture our mind-body-spirit connection.  By combining mindfulness, connecting with our energy centres and intentional motion we invite balance and vitality into our Being.

✨ Let’s create a collective space for spiritual growth and a ripple of positive energy!

***This time is taken in our outdoors woodlands platform.  Please come prepared suitable for the weather with warm waterproof clothing and footwear suitable for rough terrain.