Zen Club For Teens

Duration: 10am-3pmAge Group: 13+

Zen Club For Teens

Welcome to Zen Club for Teens – Where Mindfulness Meets Fun!

Empower Your Teen with Joy, Creativity, and Mindfulness!

What is Zen Club for Teens?

Zen Club for Teens is a unique and nurturing space designed to help teenagers explore their creativity, build confidence, and find inner peace. Our holistic approach combines art therapy, positive affirmations, yoga, meaningful conversations, and journaling, all to create a well-rounded experience that nurtures young minds and hearts.

Who is Zen Club for Teens Suitable For?

Teenagers ages 13-16: Perfect for teens in their formative years, seeking a fun and engaging way to develop emotional and mental wellbeing.
Parents Looking for Mindful Activities: Ideal for parents who want their teens to partake in activities that promote mindfulness, self-expression, and positive thinking.
Teens Needing a Confidence Boost: Beneficial for teenagers who may be shy, anxious, or in need of a supportive environment to express themselves.
Families Interested in Holistic Wellness: Great for families who value holistic health practices and wish to incorporate these into their teenager’s lives.

The Benefits of Attending Zen Club for Teens
Art Therapy

Boosts Creativity: Teenagers express their thoughts and feelings through various art forms, enhancing their creative abilities.
Emotional Release: Art becomes a safe outlet for emotions, helping teenagers to process feelings and experiences in a healthy way.

Positive Affirmations

Builds Self-Esteem: Regular practice of positive affirmations helps teenagers develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.
Encourages Positive Thinking: Reinforces a positive mindset, helping teenagers to face challenges with optimism and resilience.


Enhances Physical Health: Yoga improves flexibility, strength, and coordination, promoting overall physical well-being.
Reduces Stress: Gentle yoga practices help teenagers to relax, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Fun Meaningful Conversations

Develops Communication Skills: Engaging in thoughtful conversations encourages teenagers to articulate their thoughts and listen to others.
Fosters Social Connections: Teenagers build friendships and learn to connect with others on a deeper level.


Encourages Self-Reflection: Journaling helps teenagers to reflect on their day, thoughts, and feelings, fostering self-awareness.
Improves Writing Skills: Regular writing practice enhances literacy skills and encourages creative expression.

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